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Cushion - Mudcloth White

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Our white mudcloth cushions are a perennial favourite. Just a little bit boho and a little bit beachy, they give a relaxed vibe to a room. They are understated, offering subtle texture, and their beauty lies in the fact that they go with EVERYTHING! Pop them on a rattan chair - stunning. On a velvet sofa - divine. Tan leather - perfection. Crisp white bedsheets - well, you get the drift….

Like all of our mudcloths, these cushions are crafted in Mali from narrow strips of handwoven cotton that are stitched together into a whole cloth. They are then painted with patterns and symbols using a variety of natural dyes, including river mud. The symbols on the mudcloth tell a story that was traditionally passed down through generations, and most large mudcloths are unique designs. This makes them really special and something to treasure.

Size: approximately 45cm x 45cm (fits a 50cm x 50cm inner)

  • Concealed zipper
  • Backing is hand-loomed Indian cotton in ‘Spanish White'
  • Includes ethical, cruelty-free feather inner from Fairydown

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