Lighting Plans

Building, Renovating, Extending, doing your Outdoors?

We can provide detailed, styled lighting plans to match your needs!

Simply send us your house plans or outdoor project, and we will map out which lights go where & how much light each will provide.

Our lighting design service is all about giving you the opportunity to visit one single destination for lights, lamps, LED lighting and lighting fixtures. 
No matter what your lighting budget, we will tailor a solution to completely transform your home environment and style it perfectly!

After all, interior lighting and exterior lighting is the single biggest design element at night that can truly showcase your living space.
We can help you choose the right lights or lamps to: 

  • Make a room appear larger
  • Make a room appear warmer
  • Highlight exterior textures of your home
  • Express your own individuality and style
  • Increase the value of your home 
  • Style your home to perfection.

Simply send us your house plans or photos of your room/outdoor and tell us a bit about your style, from there we will map out your lights & create a mood board of suggested lights to buy. We can also supply a HUGE range of lighting at competitive rates!

E-service package is FREE excl Lights/fittings. Enter your details below to book.