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      Spice up your bookshelf with Pass It On our self-published Gujarati Indian cookbook! It’s bright and bold to reflect our culture, and it’s filled with 100+ authentic recipes passed down through generations from Gujarat to New Zealand. 

      Our cookbook tells a story of our family being one of the first Gujaratis to arrive in New Zealand back in the 1920’s, and how we’ve been taught to cook using our senses rather than following a written recipe. These treasured family recipes could have been lost, but now that they’re all written in our cookbook, authenticity will be preserved and passed on as generations continue.

      If you love flavoursome curries, succulent barbecues, moreish sweets, vegetarian meals, and so much more, this book is for you! We’ve even got secret recipes to make your own aromatic spice grinds from scratch. The vibrant flavours will pop and dance on your palate and will keep you coming back for more.

      We’re so excited to pass it on to you to help us preserve and recognise the boldness that Gujarati food has to offer. Happy cooking!

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